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On the road with the durable Giana Smart 3500

More and more people are considering the purchase of an environmentally conscious electric car. You can opt for a large model, which you can hardly park in the big cities. A better choice is this Giana Smart 3500 microcar! This model has a compact size, without sacrificing its robustness. The Giana Smart 3500 is sturdy and allows you to enter the public road, feeling safe. An additional advantage of buying a microcar is the fact that these models are a lot cheaper. This way, Green World Mobility keeps electric driving accessible for everyone. Read more about the benefits of investing in a Giana Smart 3500!


By choosing the Giana Smart 3500, you ensure a sustainable solution. With the 100% electric vehicle, you are no longer dependent on fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Cheaper and better for the environment! It is often thought that this is at the expense of the range of the vehicles. Nothing could be further from the truth! The Giana Smart 3500 offers a range of no less than 50 kilometers. Ideal for both the short rides, as well as for a longer ride to family members. Is the battery starting to run out? You can easily charge the battery with a 220V power outlet. This is where the Giana Smart 3500 distinguishes itself from larger electric cars.

Specifications of this electric microcar:

  • A powerful 6 KW PMSM engine
  • 60V 45AH Lead Acid battery
  • Equipped with EEC certification
  • Hydraulic brake discs
  • Minimum ground clearance of 120 mm

This electric microcar can accommodate two people. Perfect, when you want to be able to drive to work or school together with a friend, girlfriend or colleague. Way better than driving alone.


Earlier on, we described that this electric microcar has a range of 50 kilometers. However, this is not the only thing that stands out about the performance of the Giana Smart 3500. Take a look at the charging time of the battery for example! Within 8 to 10 hours you will have fully charged the battery. This means that if you use the car for a longer ride, you’ll soon be on the road again. In addition, the vehicle offers a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Especially for the short rides, this is fast enough and the Giana Smart 3500 is definitely not inferior to a larger electric car.

Performance of the Giana Smart 3500 summed up:

  • A maximum speed of 45km/h
  • A charging time of up to 8-10 hours
  • A range of up to 100 kilometers


Buying a minicar from Green World Mobility means that you have a standard choice of different designs. For example, the Giana Smart 3500 is available in the color combinations: white and blue, black and green, gray and orange, green and white or plain white. So you’ll always find an electric vehicle that suits you!

Compared to other electric car companies, we provide your Giana Smart 3500 with various extras. When you purchase an expensive electric car, the costs for these extras often add up. Buying a minicar at Green World Mobility saves you a lot of money!


One of the advantages that an electric microcar like the Giana Smart 3500 has is the fact that you don’t need a driver’s license. This means that teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18 can still drive the vehicle, provided they have a moped driver’s license. When youngsters want to drive a larger electric car, there should always be an experienced driver in the car with them. They are only allowed to drive their car without supervision by the age of 18! With an electric microcar, this restriction no longer exists.

Not only when you are not yet allowed to drive a larger model electric vehicle, this Giana Smart 3500 offers a solution. Also think of the advantages of this car for people on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. It is often difficult to find a parking spot. The limited turning radius and the compact size of this electric microcar makes parking very easy from now on.

Tip: choose the Giana Smart 3500 if you did not pass the medical examination. This way you can still visit family and friends in a safe way without arriving soaking wet from the rain! Moreover, driving this vehicle is cheaper than choosing a larger model of electric vehicle.


Green World Mobility wants to keep electric driving accessible for everyone. That’s why in many cases extras are added to the vehicle as standard. Where various other providers charge extra costs for these extras. Making a minicar a much smaller investment than buying a larger electric vehicle.

Good to know: the electric microcar can be insured with a moped insurance. The cost of this is normally lower, than the cost of a car insurance. Another reason to choose this environmentally conscious solution if you want to be able to travel quickly and comfortably.

Reasons to choose the electric microcars of Green World Mobility:

  • No additional tax liability
  • No BPM by default
  • You do not pay road tax for our vehicles
  • You benefit from an environmentally conscious solution
  • Personal advice on all of our models


Are you curious if the Giana Smart 3500 could be an interesting vehicle for you as well? Please feel free to contact us! Together we will make an inventory of your wishes to decide if this electric microcar meets them. Next to the Giana Smart 3500, we offer several other electric vehicles. Also take a look at the popular N-Light M4, the Selvo 2P45.DC or the Selvo LT.CARGO.

Want to take a closer look at a microcar? Visit Green World Mobility in Ter Aar, Twello, Zaandam, Heerenveen and Oegstgeest! We advise you to make an appointment in advance, so we can assure you of personal advice.