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HL 3.0 Elektrische scooter

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About this model

New electric scooters model Harley. This cool scooter really is an eye-catcher on the road. The smooth ride and silent movement makes many heads turn. A scooter with great comfort.

With a maximum speed of 25 km/h there is no helmet duty (except Amsterdam), so let the wind blow through your hair!

This model is already available from €2201 including VAT.

€ 2175.00 from / excluding VAT

Product specifications

Engine 2000 W
Battery 20 AH
Fuel Electric
Certifications RDW registered
Braking system double disc brake hydraulic
Number of seats 2


Height Zithoogte: 73cm


Weight 73 kg
Total permitted load weight 127 kg


Maximum speed (km / h) 25 of 45
Climbing ability 30%
Charging time 4 hour
Battery life 60 km (bij 25 km/uur) of 35 km (45 km/uur)


Electric Scooter 3.0 EEC
Standard equipped with:
Wide tires
Handlebar bag
60km range on one charge
No helmet duty
Ideal for rental purpose

2000 watt engine
Duo seat with footrests for the passenger!
Professional digital display with blue light illumination
20 Ah battery (lithium ion) Detachable with anti-theft lock
Remote alarm and blockage
High quality LED lights, both front and rear
With a suspension fork and double rear spring load up to 200kg.
– Ventilated brake discs and hydraulic brakes
– RDW rated 25km/h (no helmet duty)