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Are you looking for a comfortable electric microcar to drive from A to B effortlessly? Then the stylish Selvo 2P45.DC undoubtedly fits your needs. This electric microcar from Green World Mobility has a robust appearance, despite its modest size. You might not expect it right away, but this Selvo 2P45.DC has a range of 120 to 140 kilometers! A big advantage of this electric car is the possibility to charge it anywhere. The only thing you need is a 220V socket.

Have you ever considered switching to an electric microcar? It is an environmentally conscious, sustainable and future-oriented solution.


With the Selvo 2P45.DC you ensure yourself of a particularly durable microcar. This vehicle is 100% electric, minimizing the impact on the environment. Especially when you already have solar panels at home. When the battery is fully charged, the Selvo 2P45.DC offers you a range between 120 and 140 kilometers. At your destination, you are not dependent on charging stations, because you can easily connect it to a regular power outlet! Which is great for convenience. Another distinguishing advantage over the competition!

Specifications of the Selvo 2P45.DC:

  • Equipped with a 4KW motor
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Equipped with EEC certification
  • Control by rack and pinion
  • Turning radius of 4.5 meters
  • Minimum ground clearance of 120 mm

A powerful vehicle with outstanding performances

Not only the large range of this microcar is immediately noticeable. For example, have you seen that the battery of this electric microcar is fully charged within 7 to 9 hours? Ideal, if you want to charge the battery during school or work. The engine in this Selvo 2P45.DC is so powerful that it offers a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Ideal for quickly covering short distances! Also great to know: small hills are no problem for the Green World Mobility electric microcar. The vehicle has a climbing capacity of up to 20%.

The limited turning radius of this electric microcar makes it very easy to park your vehicle. Even when you are working on the Zuidas in Amsterdam where the parking space is often very limited. With this Selvo 2P45.DC parking your vehicle is no longer a problem.

Performance of the Selvo microcar summed up:

  • Range from 120 to 140 kilometers
  • A maximum speed of 45 km/h
  • Climbing capacity of up to 20%
  • Battery fully rechargeable in 7-9 hours

Drive the electric microcar without a driver’s license

Did you know that you can drive this electric Selvo microcar without a driver’s license? This makes the car very suitable for young people as well. They are only allowed to drive larger cars without the supervision of an experienced driver from the age of 18. This microcar is a great solution for people who did not pass the medical examination as well. It is a great vehicle when you regularly have to travel long distances for school or work. Stay dry during the cold autumn and winter days with the Selvo 2P45.DC!

The robust size of this vehicle makes sure your child feels safe, and you, as a parent, too. The vehicle is modern and sturdy, which reduces the risk of accidents to a minimum. Please note that you will need a moped driver’s license to drive these vehicles. You can insure the model with a moped insurance. Something that will save you a lot of money!

Tip: invite a friend or colleague into your electric vehicle! The Selvo 2P45.DC offers space for two people. In the back of the Selvo, you have more than enough space to store a bag or suitcase, for example.

Various versions of the Selvo 2P45.DC

We offer this electric microcar in different colors: burgundy red, metallic red, metallic dark green, metallic dark blue, metallic black, metallic white, lime green, yellow, Ferrari red, metallic gray or cream. Is your favorite color not listed here yet? No problem at all! For a small surcharge we’ll be sure to offer our electric microcar in several other colors as well.

Besides the Selvo 2P45.DC we offer you a number of other Selvo models. Take a look at the Selvo LT.CARGO for example! This model offers you even more storage space. Looking for a more compact model? In that case the N-Light M4 may be interesting.

Electric vehicles accessible for everyone

One of the missions of Green World Mobility is to keep electric driving affordable for everyone. The Selvo 2P45.DC is a vehicle that’s perfect for this mission! The vehicle is competitively priced and comes with various extras. Unique with the service of Green World Mobility is that these extras do not have to be paid for. The costs of other providers of electric vehicles often quickly increases if you want to have a vehicle equipped with extras.

Reasons to choose an electric vehicle from Green World Mobility:

  • No additional tax liability
No BPM by default
  • You do not pay road tax for our vehicles
  • You benefit from an environmentally conscious solution
  • Personal advice on all of our models

More information about this microcar

Are you considering to buy this microcar? Would you like more information about the advantages of an electric microcar compared to a larger model car? Please contact us in both cases! We will be happy to advise you personally, we will list the various possibilities and benefits for you. Together we will look for an electric vehicle that meets your personal wishes. Above all, with the vehicles of Green World Mobility you decide for an environmentally conscious, safe and sustainable solution!

Tip: want to take a closer look at a microcar? Green World Mobility is active in Ter Aar, Twello, Zaandam, Heerenveen and Oegstgeest, feel free to drop by! To make sure we can help you, we advise you to make an appointment in advance.